Homemade 2

The adventure thus far
A blog for your campaign

The adventure starts as the the PCs enter the town called Druskaven at around two to three in the afternoon. All of the walls and some of the buildings were burned to husks. They encounter a raving women who was going from person to person pleading for their help. When she reaches them she tells them how two nights ago the town was attacked by druids and an unnatuarlly large pack of wolves for unknown reasons. During the attack three druids broke into their house and kidnapped their daughter Parsha Druskaven. Two of the three known druids escaped with the girl the other and almost all of the wolves were slain. Being druids they were pretty much untrackable. Then she told them about one of the druids that lives on the edge of town (at this point they also learn of the circle of druids that live in the wilderness nearby the town) who was fighting with the town. He didn’t want to let the wolves kill and he didn’t want to kill them so he sent them away. She tells the PCs that her husband (the mayor) left with as many men as he could hire on such short notice early this morning before the sun rose following the tracks of the small group of wolves. The PCs also learn that the druid left saying he had to meet with the other druids. At that point the PCs search for someone who can track. They find a dwarf willing to do it for them. By then it was getting close to dark so they slept at the inn.

Early the next morning before dawns first light they set out. After a day of two they found the lair. Everyone in the mayors party was dead, including the mayor. The PCs ventured into the cave killled all of the wolves that came back or never went and rescued the girl, who was being kept alive. One of the druids was not there however they did find one of the druids whom was already dead, presumably killed in the fight with the mayors party. The only loot inside of the cave was a few scrolls obviously belonging to the druids, what was on they mayors party which wasn’t much two or three masterwork items, and a strange medalion with a hand rising up from the ground and grabbing the sun as if to crush it. The PCs got back to town safely and continued on their way.

The new group of PCs have come to the town of Druskaven. Most of the walls and buildings have been repaired. They hear multiple rumors about hearing and seeing strange things at night. Weird noices and low whispering that nobody can understand, seeing things moving in the shadows that disappear before anyone can get close enough, and random things have begun to disappear from peoples homes and shops ect. One man walking home drunk as he does most nights passed out in the street and was found dead with his throat cut the next morning. Now pretty much everyone is afraid to go out after dark. Recently the gaurds captain along with a few other townsfolk mostly gaurds have been struck down by some sort of malady. Now nobody even the few remaining gaurds go out at night. None of the druids have been seen since the attack, not even Aolon which only heightens then townfolk’s suspicion. Many of the townsfolk believe that all of the druids were in on the attack even though none were seen except for Aolon, but now there is question about whether or not he was really helping during the attack by sending some of the wolves back to their lair. Some people are speculating that he planned for the mayor to go after his daughter knowing that when he found her he would be overwhelmed and slain. There is no one to lead the town with the mayor and the gaurds captain dead, and no one to wind down the tension between the town and the druids. The towns people can think of no one else to blame so they are channeling all of their anger towards the druids. Many have promised to kill any of the druids that dare come near the town, they are still to afraid to hunt the druids on their turf. The tension has never been this bad between the druids and the townsfolk before, and things are quickly escalating out of control.


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